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Waverly, founded in 1836, is the second largest city in Morgan County, with nearly 1300 residents, and occupies one square mile of rich and fertile land 90 miles north of St. Louis, 210 miles south southwest of Chicago, and 30 miles southwest of Springfield.  Approximately 3000 customers are located in the local trading area.  Waverly contains over 400 homes, has over sixteen miles of all-weather street and roadways, supports its own elementary and high school, and owns and operates its own water and sewer systems.  Since Waverly's founding, Salter Park has been the heart of the city.  Located in the middle of the business district, this exceptionally well-maintained six acre park contains a band stage, a pavilion, a War Memorial, basketball court, a large playground area which was constructed by community volunteers and is the site of the Waverly Community Picnic held each year in August.  Waverly is also the home of the Waverly Holiday Tournament (the best small school tournament in Illinois) for high school boy's basketball every year since 1951.

We are very proud of our city, its people, our lifestyles, and activities.


Please be reminded that the engineering firm (Benton and Associates), along with City employess recently completed a review of the sewer system for Waverly.  As you may know, work has started and here is an update: *Construction crews have completed approximately 8,600 feet of sewer main lining, ** Repairs to failed sewers were necessary in some locations which will reduce the risk of future failures, *** Upcoming work includes additional sewer lining, manhole rehabilitation and a few new manholes.  At the current pace, construction crews may complete all sewer main work by the end of the year.



1. The City Office is now open to the public.  As always, payments can be made in person, by using the drop box, via phone at (217) 435-4611 or by using this website.  

Per City Council, effective immediately late fees and fees for using a credit/debit card will continue to be waived by the City of Waverly.  Shut-offs for non payment will be reviewed on a month-by-month basis.  If you have questions, please call the City Office at (217) 435-4611.


2. Waverly has a new Chief of Police.  Chris Johnson officially assumed the duties of Chief of Police on November 2, 2020.  Chief Johnson comes to Waverly with an abundance of experience and will serve our community well.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call (217) 435-2351.



The City of Waverly would like to thank all customers for doing their part to cut gas usage during last week’s extremely cold weather.  Natural gas usage restrictions have now been lifted.

Today, Governor Pritzker is announcing an Illinois fund of $15 million dollars which will be available to communities to off-set the high cost of natural gas.  In addition, assistance is being sought from the Federal government regarding high natural gas prices.  The City is also exploring ways to assist gas customers.  The exact details will be finalized once we know the extent of the impact of the raise in natural gas prices.

Again, thank you and we will provide further updates as information becomes available.

Scott Duewer




The City of Waverly is warning residents about the impact the arctic cold front is having on natural gas prices over the next four (4) days and potentially through next week.  The City is asking customers to reduce their natural gas usage during the next week.

The arctic cold front that is causing the extreme frigid temperatures across the entire Midwest and Eastern portion of the country is causing unprecedented natural gas usage.  The weather is also affecting Texas and Oklahoma with ice storms causing a shortage of available natural gas, leading to an increase of as much as 100 times the typical purchase price.  As a result, the pipeline companies have declared an emergency and placed a restriction on the pipeline.  This extremely high natural gas usage, along with the pipeline restrictions, is having a direct impact on natural gas prices.  Natural gas prices have surged to record highs.

Prior to this emergency, natural gas was selling around $3.00 per dekatherm.  As of Friday, the price of natural gas was as high as $600.00 per dekatherm before closing on Friday at $224.56 per dekatherm.  This is a 7500 percent increase in price between Friday and Saturday prices.  These increased prices will be in effect Saturday (02/13) until Tuesday (02/16), and could potentially last longer into next week.  These high prices will likely impact everyone that purchases and uses natural gas.

Several communities throughout Illinois and the Midwest will be contacting state and federal officials requesting their assistance in resolving this egregious price increase.  We will be asking for their assistance in determining why the pipeline and natural gas suppliers caused the price of natural gas to increase so significantly.  If there is no relief from state or federal officials, the natural gas customers could see an increase in their utility bills.  Those prices would be reflected in the April and May utility bills.  This extreme increase in the price of natural gas is a prime example of natural gas suppliers and pipelines exceeding their authority that will have a negative impact on families, especially low-income and seniors, and businesses at a time they can least afford it.

We will continue to keep your informed as more information becomes available.  Thank you.

Scott Duewer


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Waverly has a new Chief of Police.  Chris Johnson officially assumed the duties of Chief of Police on November 2, 2020.  Chief Johnson comes to Waverly with an abundance of experience and will serve our community well.  If you have questions or need...

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